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Thread: Who is the best pairs team ever?

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    Weepy Who is the best pairs team ever?

    I am just asking because I was at half price books today and I was looking for Michelle books or magazines. I found a winter olympic book featuring torvill and dean, but oddly enough, not G&G. I was really shocked. I think G&G are the best. I don't know if that is because of the very sad death of Sergie, and I am a little biased. I am and always will be a huge fan of their skating. I don't think any other pairs team has ever touched me like them.
    The short article mentioned G&G in one sentence (cannot remember eactly what was said), but they did not include them in the book. Practically all other skaters were in their. It ended with the Oksana/ Nancy/ Tonya games so Michelle was not in it. Anyway, I was just a little surprised and bummed that they did not mention Katia and Sergie. They were so awesome as a pairs team. Their skating was magical. The way they looked at each other and their skating was phenominal. (sp?). They won 2 Olympic gold medals. It is not like they were not a winning team.
    This just has me wondering what you all think. Are Torvill and Dean a better pairs team than G&G????. Or do you think another pairs team is better.
    You all are a lot more knowlegable about this than I am.

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    Since T&D were ice dancers and G&G were pairs skaters, you can't really compare them. Imho, T&D are the greatest ice dance team of all time and G&G the greatest pairs team. I miss both teams a lot.

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    I agree SingAlto
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    If the book ended with Nancy & Tonya, then it was before G&G won their 2nd OGM in 94. BUt yes, they were a wonderful team.
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    Default The best pairs teams

    I think Katerina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov were the best pairs skaters. They were beautiful to watch, lyrical and athletic.

    But I've had a lot of favorites over the years, starting with the first time I saw the Protopopov's in person (had to have been about 1962). Tai B.& Randy Gardner, Kitty & Peter Carruthers, Barbara Underhill & Paul Martini, Meno & Sand, Brasseur & Eisler, and most recently Sale & Pelletier.

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    Watching Xue Shen & Hongbo Zhao's 2003 World's LP live was my most unforgettable Pairs skating experience. I have trouble not tearing up watching that even now. No Pairs perfornance has ever moved me like that one.

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    Default Ah, the pairs.

    Ah, my favorite thread, on the best pairs team ever.

    I do enjoy G&G quite a bit, but my personal favorite team will always be Sale and Pelletier. He is one of the best male partners ever, and her personality just shone on the ice. To me, they were a balanced pair, in the best sense of the word, i.e. "two skaters skating as one". The way they bonded so quickly leading up to their first comp (the Skate Canada where they came in 3rd in their first competition ever, which is just unheard of) and then Lori Nichol's great choreography really sealed the deal for me. Go back to some of their earliest skates (my fave SP: Por Una Cabeza) and you can just see they just have that "it" quality. And, after so many disappointments with other partners, going solo, etc. it just brings tears to the eyes knowing how much hard work went into the brilliance of this pair.

    In ladies' skating it will always be Michelle, and in pairs, Jamie & David.

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    G and G...That said, my favorite pairs team of all time was the Carruthers.
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    My favorites are G&G. I jsut loved their flow, positions, grace and how they related to each other. Still miss them.

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    That would have to be the Oleg & Liudmila Protopopov, World Pairs Champions from 1965 to 1968, and 1968 Olympic Gold Medalists. The Protopopovs invented many of the moves still used by pairs skaters today and completely revolutionized pairs skating. They are often referred to as the originators of modern pairs skating.

    They are currently living in the USA, although exactly where escapes me. I think it may be the Boston area, since I seem to recall them performing in Skate Club of Boston shows. Although they are both well into their 60's, they still perform at ice shows.

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    My most favorite pairs of all time would have to be Mishketunok & Dmitriev. No other pairs has drawn me in as much as they have. I'll probably say they're the greatest in my opinion from what I've seen

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    I'm with Dragonlady--the Protopopovs! However, my foavorites of all time are Tai and Randy. I don't care to see big, tall men throwing little girls around. I'd rather see "matched" pairs.

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    IMO, the Protopopovs were the best pairs team ever -- they revolutionized pairs skating the way Sonia Henie revolutionized the ladies event.

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    G&G for me...their Vocalise and Man I Love programs just took my breath away! I can watch them over and over and discover new little nuances throughout: the way they look at eachother and how they never seem to take their eyes off one another; the way he holds her; the way it seems like they are floating over the ice rather than on it...

    I can just go on and on lol
    -ing to Michelle's Grace & Beauty on the ice

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    I'm with lissa. G&G was my all time favorite pairs, hands down. No other pairs skated like G&G in my opinion. If I have to pick a team who're currently skating, I would say Yuka & Jason. I love Yuka as a single skater, but I love her skating even more when she's skating with Jason. She expresses so much more emotion when she's with Jason.
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    I agree with posters who named Liudmila Belousova & Oleg Protopopov as best pairs team ever. They were everything pairs skaters should be, and their contribution to the sport is enormous. If we talk about personal favorites - I love Shen & Zhao, they are the main reason I'm watching pairs skating right now.
    I guess I'm in the minority here, but I never understood what is so great about Gordeeva & Grinkov

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    G/G : Connected
    S/P : Connected
    current : S/Z spetacular
    From what I've seen on tapes the Protopopovs

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    Quote Originally Posted by darya_russian
    I guess I'm in the minority here, but I never understood what is so great about Gordeeva & Grinkov
    I never understood it either. My favorite pairs team ever is B&S. Their body line, speed, edges, the way they matched each other was just perfect. They also had beautiful chemistry with each other and he always put her down so gently. I love them.

  19. Default Tragedy sometimes makes people larger than life...

    darya, I agree with you. I always enjoyed G&G, and they had one or two phenomenol programs, but they were never on my favorites list. I think they have grown "larger than life" as often happens when someone of great talent dies tragically.

    The Protopopovs were singular! There has never been anyone who has quite captured the essence of "pairs on ice" the way they did. They really invented the event.

    Shen and Zhou have taken it in a different direction. I believe their style respects the P's, but adds a higher level of technicality, energy, speed and excitement. Well actually, more of all of the above, and I luuuurrrve them so much I can't stand it!!!!

    But the P's are the BEST!

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    Most people say G&G, but my vote goes to Shen and Zhao. They are the only pairs team to ever move me to tears,and they have done it on several occassions. There is magic in thier skating.

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    Default Best Pairs Couple

    Hello KwanFanatic! I would like to cast a vote for the Protopopovs.Oleg and Ludmila have been soooooooo excellent and have thrilled audiences for decades.They are my all-time faves.
    Roll Tide!

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    i think all the teams everyone has said so far are wonderful, so i cant really pick a favorite. we should add maria petrova and alexi tikinov to the list though. they have beautiful programs and i really like watching them.

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    I have loved G and G since Calgary - in fact Katia was my absolute favorite skater of all time until Michelle came along. She is such a beautiful artist on the ice and Sergei showed her off beautifully. I still remember being in the airport and seeing that he had died on the news For me, they are the best!


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    I have to go with the Protopopov's also, but today I follow S and Z. I'm not sure any performance could top their 2003 world championship free skate in DC.

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    I fell in love with G&G in 1988. They were the first pairs team to bring me to tears. They will always be my favorite. I loved Mishkutenok and Dmitriev, too. I thought they were absolutely breathtaking. Shen and Zhao are my favorites now.

    11/20/05 will be 10 years since Sergei's death. Hard to believe how time flies. Meanwhile, I have two kitties that I was going to name Katia and Sergei, but the male looked so much like Ilia that that's what I named him.


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