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Thread: Painters who started late in life

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    Default Painters who started late in life

    MKFers know all kinds of things, so I thought I would try this.

    I am looking for information about artists who started painting after age 40. Any painting media or any historical period is OK. Suggestion of a few names of such painters would suffice. If I have a name, I can get more information via a variety of sources.

    If YOU or someone you know started painting after age 40, I would like to ask you a few questions too.

    Post here or you can PM me.

    PS _ I will use this info to write an article for writing class. But if I get good info, I might try sending it to a magazine!

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    Well, the most famous was probably Grandma Moses.

  3. Default georgia o keefe

    I read somewhere that georgia o keefe didn't start painting until later in her life. She is a noted American artist i think.

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    This isn't as uncommon as one might think. As an undergraduate, I shared a couple of classes as a sophomore with an 80 year old art major. My junior and senior years, I was in advanced classes with a lady who began painting in her 50s. I'm currently teaching a lady in her late 50's privately as well. I can't think of famous painters off hand, but if I do, I'll be sure to post them. Good luck with your paper. I hope it's published so I get a chance to read it!


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    Thanks for the responses. FYI Georgia O'Keefe started painting in her 20s, but thanks for the idea. I love her flowers. I get her calendars every year & have a huge poster of one of her calla lillies in my office/computer room.

    I am also interviewing "regular" people who started painting at age 40 or later. If you know someone who qualifies and would like to participate in my "lite research", I can send them my questions and they can respond via e-mail.


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